Team Programs

Want to bring an On Purpose Master Coach to your in person or online training to radically shift the mindset of your team’s success?

We got you covered.                

 2 Hour On Purpose Training

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Hire an On Purpose Master Coach to attend your live or online team training. In 2 powerful hours we will walk your team through what limiting beliefs are, which ones they are experiencing, and discover how they are holding them back from the next level of success. It’s not just an education it’s an awakening. We lead them through powerful exercises to not just  discover, but how to break-free, move beyond any fears, and create massive action.


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Deep Dive Team Bundles

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Once someone on your team has done the deep dive there’s no turning back. You’ll see and feel the impact in your team from the open direct communication, ability to be self reflective, advanced leadership skills, and the fact that they are in massive ACTION!

We’ve had many leaders purchase tickets for their teams AND many leaders who have paid a portion and gathered their teams together so that they could go through the program together.

Whatever way you’d like to do it, we’ve got your back.

5 Tickets – $237 each

10 Tickets – $207 each

20 Tickets – $178 each

You may break up into 4 monthly payments.

If you’d like to gather your team to receive these deep discounts, email us each team member’s name and email and we will send individual (team discounted) invoices to each team member.

You will not regret it! To find out more about our foundational program go here. (link to Deep Dive)

“My team and I have experienced massive breakthroughs in our belief system that were keeping me and them stuck! I have found that through the easy steps Brianne and Angelina take you through, they quickly and effectively help YOU identify what your disempowering beliefs are. As a huge bonus, it has helped me be an even more effective mentor in doTERRA and to flow in my zone of genius when helping others identify mindset blocks. I recommend this training to everyone in my team and in the network marketing industry. I’ve never seen a more comprehensive system that is affordable for anyone who really wants to change and be successful.”

Melody Watts

Yessing Your Next Rank 8 Week Team Program

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An 8 Week Mindset shifting program designed for a team to bust through together so that everyone moves to the next level.  Rank advancement is important to keeping momentum, energy, excitement, and commitment!  We have created an amazing program that delivers advanced mindset shifts, crucial conversations skills, busts through deep fears, and empowers participants to take bold actions.

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