This is not just another
business program,

it’s a program that will challenge you into stillness to teach you how to think with your heart, feel in your mind, and lead with your soul.

Many leaders feel they are always mentoring everyone else, giving of themselves and yet not taking the time to plan, prepare, and nourish their own business.

They NEVER feel that they are able to implement all of their ideas, vision, and message because they are busy feeling stuck in a pile of to-do’s.


Some might say that your business  and your soul are separate, but we say that you are here on the planet right now because you have important work to do in the world.

Your soul’s call is the GPS for what you are here to do and if you truly listen without holding back, you will unleash your potential and literally feel ON FIRE.

Setting Your Soul on Fire Mastery Program is about letting go of any doubt, fear, worry or force, and learning how to lead from your unique purpose, your joy, and your power.

Are you ready to deepen your mastery in the following areas:

After Brianne and I created Deep Dive and Lead On Purpose we had a deep desire to create a deep experiential program for a small intimate group. We saw many leaders desiring something to help stretch them into the next greatest version of themselves.

They know they are a leader and at the same time crave greater visibility, connection, and success.

Their upline’s are supportive and amazing, yet they want to immerse themselves in powerful principles of Soul work with other network marketing leaders who are all on a journey to release their blocks and set their business on fire for good.

That’s exactly what this program is (and more).

The 2017 Mastery program last year was so life changing for Brianne, myself, and the participants that we decided to offer it again in 2018​.​

Only this year we’ve grown and shifted in our desires, and so has the Mastery Program.

In the 2018 program we’ve decided that ​I will be leading & coaching​ the program exclusively, along with guests experts, and Mastery graduates from last year. As a mastery level coach for over 10 years, it’s my passion to lead these kinds of transformational experiences. And good news for you, not only will you have a Master level breakthrough coach with you every step of the way — you are also learning from Brianne as she has poured her network marketing genius, heart, and soul into Deep Dive, Lead on Purpose, and the curriculum for this Mastery Program.

​We’ve also added more coaching sessions, even more 1:1 support and a second retreat. It will be a 2-Day retreat to jumpstart your program in January so that you can deepen your relationships with the other participants right from the start. We feel that creating those connections will be instrumental to your growth.

If you’ve been hearing from a friend who is bragging and begging you to check this program out, you’ve hit the jackpot because we’ve even added more magic this year.

I believe that group-based, year long coaching programs create lasting change like nothing else, and I feel so blessed to be able to help you step into all of your deepest desires and be your sherpa along this journey​.

This experience is limited to 20 participants to ensure it will be a small intimate group of powerful people who will become some of your best friends and allies as you create your legacy business. If you are ready to dive in, it’s going to be a game-changer for your business and your life.

xo, Angelina

p.s. When you invest in yourself, have a sacred container of support, and a powerhouse ninja coach, life as you know it will cease to ever be the same again, and the world will thank you for it. <3


Angelina has a natural talent for presenting new and exciting ideas and perspectives that can rock your world.

“Angelina is an amazing coach and mentor. I’ve never taken any program like this, the content and discoveries I made about myself were unbelievable. Angelina is a truly unique and special person, and she has a natural talent for presenting new and exciting ideas and perspectives that can rock your world! I highly recommend her for anyone looking to clarify their why is this world and all they do, and for learning new ways to peel back the layers of who you really are. Just amazing.”

Patricia Black, Life Coach and Network Marketer,


Brianne is the perfect balance of heart and leadership.

“We are often misled to believe that our choices are driven exclusively by what we “think” we want. But then, beautiful moments of epiphany arrive, illuminating that those choices were merely us responding to an invitation from something or someone much bigger than ourselves. This, in a nut shell, experience. Every step we’ve taken has all been a continual thread of both intention and intuition. How Brianne has inspired us cannot be put into words. I’ve heard this said of her and I couldn’t agree more, “Brianne has the perfect balance of heart and leadership.” It is because of this balance that she knows how to inspire those of us who once had no direction, to being reknowned leaders and founders within our country. The servant heart leadership that Brianne exemplifies has been, without question, one of the best gifts this business has brought into our lives, and to her we are extremely grateful and blessed.

Dawna Toews, Canada Presidential Diamond with doTERRA


Helped me create a soulful action plan and stick to it.

“Working with Angelina, I uncovered many of the reasons why I wasn’t progressing as much as I wanted. She helped me create a soulful action plan in place and stick to it. Coaching with her was priceless.”

Roxane Bybee, mother of 4 and Presidential Diamond with doTERRA

What’s included in the
Soul On Fire Mastery Program?

4 Day “Closed Door” Mastermind, Reshaping & Transformational Retreat in Costa Rica (Value $6000)

Surge your life forward in an intimate setting with Angelina that will stretch your mindset and step into your soul on fire life and business so that you can make a quantum leap. You’ll also connect, learn from and form amazing relationships of community and support. There’s really nothing like an in-person retreat to deepen you into yourself and to walk away feeling clear and empowered in every area of your life. The retreat is tentatively planned for July 2018 *your flight is not included

VIP Transformational Branding Photoshoot (Value $2500)

In order to truly embody the deep changes that you will make in this program we have curated an extraordinary experiential photoshoot. You will be lavished in a once in a life-time opportunity with hair and makeup, clothing stylist, and award winning photography. You will be given a copy of your best photos so that you can then use them to upgrade your brand as you step into a new level of inspired leadership.








Soul On Fire Membership Page with Complete Recordings of All Calls (Value $997)

Everything for you in one place. Need to attend late, duck out early, or miss a live call altogether? No Problem. All calls in Deep Dive, Lead on purpose and SOul On Fire Mastery Program are recodred for 24/7 access on your exclusive membership page.








A Ticket to the 8-Week Lead On Purpose Program (Value $897)

This 8-Week Transformational Leadership and Certification Program created by Brianne and Angelina turns Network Marketers into confident inspired leaders, trains, and certifies them to lead a powerful 8-week program (that we write for you, for your team). You will learn how to expand your reach, become visible, and master the skill set and mindset of an inspired leader. Starts in mid March.

A Lifetime Ticket to the Deep Dive (Value $497+)

You and the group will participate in January 2017 4-Week Deep Dive. This is our foundational program that teaches Network Marketers how to bust through their limiting beliefs, get bigger results and powerfully coach, inspire, and, intuitively lead their team into massive action. Plus, as a Lifetime Member, you will be invited back to the Deep Dive each time we run the program at no additional cost, and have unlimited access to all video modules, handouts, and coaching lounges via the member’s site.

Exclusive Mastery Community Forum (value $697)

Moderated by Angeline and the Mastery Coaches, this is your 24/7 support line. Get unstuck, share your success, and collaborate with other powerful leaders in this program. This is an intimate group of heart-driven Network Marketers playing big in their business and they’re here to inspire you, mastermind with you, and become long lasting friends.

2-Day January Kick-Off Retreat (Value $1997)

A jumpstart to connect as a group and begin a deep experience of transformation. This powerful time together will begin to shift how you focus, and allow you to gain clarity about what your heart and soul want for your life and business. Jan 2018 (location TBD, flight not included)

(10) Advanced Monthly Group Empowerment & Training Calls With Angelina & Guest Experts (value $4997)

On these calls we will focus on specific tools to help you release unwanted habits, step into your unique leadership gifts, and unleash your desires so you can experience true mastery. We’ll cover the “how’s” to creating a soulful business that attracts more of the right people into your organization. You will also hear from guest experts who will share their secrets with you.

One-on-one 90 minute Breakthrough Coaching Session with Angelina (Value $600)

Enjoy your personal coaching call with Angelina that launches your Mastery experience​ and re-patterns the old stories and beliefs that have shaped your business. She’ll help you feel confident in your business action plan, so you can step powerfully into the future.

(10) 50 Min Private Breakthrough Coaching Sessions with an On Purpose Master Coach (Value $2300)

Beyond all of the other support that this program offers you, you will also have a private, 1- on-1 meeting with your On Purpose Master Coach. This will keep you moving forward, help you to breakthrough your limiting beliefs, expand your business, make more money, and live your life On Purpose. This is your private time to discuss any of your own challenges and to find out anything that is in the way of your soul and business being ON FIRE.

Monthly Business Acceleration, Group Masterminds, and Q&A Calls ($3997)

You’ll enjoy a combination of Business Acceleration calls lead by Brianne, Group Master-Minds lead by your group, Soul Work calls, ​and deep Q&A’s Angelina. You will have connection, support and amazing minds helping you grow your business and soul more than ever before. These calls rotate throughout the month so you will have support whenever needed.

Total Value of the Program $26,426

Program Investment $17,997

Investment Options

Paid in Full discount as well as Monthly Payments offered.

Fill out this application and we will be in touch to set up a 30 min call with Ang to answer your questions and to ensure this program is the perfect fit for your goals.

Please note: By filling out the application you are not obligated to register or pay. Upon being accepted in the program we will set up payment to secure your spot. Serious inquires only.

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