Dive Deep with us and learn powerful coaching skills to motivate, inspire and intuitively lead your team.

Do you ever feel frustrated when a team member doesn't follow through even though you're giving them your best tips, tricks and strategies for success?

Don't you wonder why some people (or you) experience the same ruts over and over again even though you seem to be doing everything right?

Do you sometimes watch other people confidently take massive action and think, "Dang, I wish I could do that."

The biggest mistake people make when building a team is giving them advice.

Yep you read that right. But isn't advice what we must do to create motivation?

It seems advice works, but it does not last. Most network marketing companies rely on "inspiration" to motivate and inspire their teams to a greater level of success and that works BUT what they are not always teaching is HOW to shift their teams fears and concerns so that they move into clarity and massive action.

Underlying fears and concerns are what keep people stuck and taking

action yet NOT getting the results that they want.

How would you like to know HOW to move beyond your own limitations AND learn to "coach" yourself

{and your team} to do the same?

What happens (most of the time) when you give someone advice?

They don't follow through, right? Or they do for a little while and then go back to their same old ways.

This Is Where Most People who are Building a Network Marketing Business Get Defeated.

Your team isn't moving forward or isn't taking action and you can't figure out why so you desperately search for more creative advice... And it doesn't work. It's not your fault! What you may never have been taught was how to create real, lasting change.

No matter how good your advice is, the other person won't get results unless you address the underlying reason for staying stuck."

I've seen it and experienced it myself. I used to hop on the phone to chat with a client excited to help them get to their goals. After the call they would be excited and ready to take massive action and then 2 weeks later I'd hear the story of why not much happened. I'm a great coach, but I was noticing that advice, excitement, do not make deep shifts to helping someone become a better leader. I realized that motivating others to take action is not as simple as it seems. I’ve since learned that there is an art to it, but once you know HOW to do it, it's easy to help others (and yourself) get results .

-Angelina DeWeese

We all have underlying fears, concerns, and limiting beliefs, but we don't all know how to mentor others to go beyond them.

What does it really take to motivate others beyond their fears? It takes learning skills to address the underlying reason for staying stuck.

How to help anyone who is stuck (including yourself)

Laser in on your own limiting beliefs and learn how to re-frame them

Discover the most powerful questions that will get to the root of why someone is not taking action

How to overcome dis-empowerment with others so that you can communicate anything

To magnetize others to you and have people show up as their best self around you

How to help your team members get crystal clear about where they stop and how to be limitless

How to help someone go beyond their fears and into what they really want

Are you ready to breakthrough your limiting beliefs and inspire your team into massive action? The time is NOW


Here's what's included in the program:

Are you ready to breakthrough your limiting beliefs and inspire your team into massive action? The time is NOW

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