Brianne Hovey is an inventive entrepreneur with an inspiring comeback story. She has 3 blue eyed babies and loves to travel around the world with her sweet family. Brianne has transformed her own limiting beliefs and has manifested a life literally from her dream board. When she started her first business (running on fumes), she was in extreme debt, experiencing some serious health problems and missing the mindset necessary to change her story.

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She was a Licensed Massage Therapist and Esthetician working in the spa industry and struggling to make ends meet. When she arrived at her point of disgust in her life, she was willing to do whatever it took to transform her life and start acting on dreams. She made the best decision of her life and career and started her own business.

After a whole lot of hustle, Brianne and her husband Nate are one of the top 10 leaders in a billion dollar company, a company that they love. They have over 130,000 people on their team, in over 50 different countries. She has spoke to thousands of people, been featured on TV and multiple radio shows. Brianne and her husband, Nate wake up every single day with purpose and passion. They are 36 year old snow birds, living in Utah in the Summers and Hawaii in the Winters. They now teach very simple and powerful business strategies that have led to thousands of success stories. They urge others to not wait any longer to start living the life of their dreams, there is no better time than NOW to take the leap and start living their life {on purpose}.

Angelina DeWeese is an intuitive business and Belief Breakthrough Coach. She feels passionate that anyone can become anything that they want to be, no matter what circumstances they are born into. Her soul's purpose is be a truth-teller and help people breakthrough life-long patterns that are holding them back from living a soul-aligned, purposeful life.

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Since 2006 Angelina has coached 1000’s of people, led 100’s of classes and programs all designed to create practical ways to empower people get what they want in their life.

She has 2 beautiful children, a handsome husband, and lives in Carmel Valley, California. She loves to camp and play in the ocean. But life was not always dreamy for Angelina. She has overcome... tremendous obstacles in her life. In her 20's found herself at the lowest she's ever been - 85 pounds overweight, addicted to cocaine, afraid to dream big and afraid that she might never find her purpose.

Her greatest gifts have sprung up from her life's greatest challenges and she now shows others how to get what they have always desired. Since meeting Brianne she has started her own network marketing business and is quickly advancing using the same techniques that she teaches in On Purpose.